4 Great Ice Cream Shops to Beat the Heat

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Summertime in Boston is a magical place. Many of the college students depart for the summer, leaving transportation and public spaces more accessible and less crowded, and the icy memories of six months ago melt in the heat. I think one of the great joys of the area is walking through the Public Garden on a sunny day, and watching the lovers and friends relax on the grass, the squirrels romping up the ancient trees, and a myriad of gorgeous flowers excites the eye around every corner. However, for all of its great features, Boston does get hot, and coupled with the humidity it can be a formal summer adversary. No need to worry though, we’ve collected the city’s best ice cream shops for you to try. Head out, grab a cone, and stay cool!

1) Honeycomb Creamery


Honeycomb Creamery is a staple at local farmer’s markets around the greater Boston area, but in July they’ll be opening their first brick-and-mortar location, in between Harvard Square and Porter Square. They’ve got some unique offerings like basil and goat cheese, and cucumber jalapeño along with more traditional flavors like brown sugar and vanilla bean, pictured above.


2) Tipping Cow Ice Cream


Tipping Cow Creamery  is another relative upstart in the Boston ice cream scene. They’re located in Somerville and they love to experiment! As well as being a small bakery, their location offers flavors like Irish Stout, and strawberry basil, which sounds about refreshing as it gets.


3) Grace’s Ice Cream

Gracie's Ice Cream (@icecreamgracies) • Instagram photos and v

Grace’s is a fan favorite that located in Somerville. They’ve perfected the art of the marshmallow ice cream cone as seen above, and it is delicious. It’s a great unique twist on the summer treat and  sure to be a hit with old and young tasters alike. They’ve also got a range of tasty snacks if you’re not in the mood for dairy.


4) Lizzy’s


Lizzy’s is an all-around classic, and can’t be beat on flavor selection or delectability. It’s smack in the middle of Harvard Square, and has been helping customers keep away the heat since 1995. They’ve got all the staples you’d expect an great store to have, and make seasonal and specialty ice cream. They also cater, so if you’ve got a party of ice cream lovers you know who to call!