5 Great BNVVT Bags

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Bon Vivant: [French] literally, “one who lives well”.

Born into this world in Brisbane, Australia, BNVVT was ultimately forged of adventure…a calling…a siren song leading it away from the path most travelled. Eventually, BNVVT met and fell for the Good Life.

BNVVT strives to take on as many attributes of the Good Life as possible. Intelligence. Creativity. Industriousness. An inquisitive, ever-searching mind.





This Messenger features a padded section to accommodate a 15″ laptop with a fastener so it won’t move about. It also has pen holders, a keyholder, a phone pocket and enough room to fit a few files or some reading material. This is your quintessential messenger bag, designed for the man of the town. Two zippered sections on for quick access, worn with a shoulder strap.




The Attaché case was designed especially for carrying business papers, secret formulas, secret schematics and the like, However it will also hold the more conventional 15” laptop, pens (with or without poison), non top secret documents and mobile phones. Fitted with a sturdy leather handle up to the task of being handcuffed to your wrist, as well as a shoulder strap for slinging over oneself for express motorcycle evasive maneuvers, the Attaché has a slightly more rigid body for a strong silhouette.




Chevalier is a multi purpose backpack with the benefit of fitting in wherever you may take it. The straps, made from vegetable tanned nude leather, will wear and age with each use, adding visual impact every day.


Bolt Bag


You gotta bolt, dash, scram, vamoose – just grab your things, in they go and you’re off. Free to take yourself to wherever your heart or wanted poster will allow. Smaller than a duffel but still big enough for a few days of well packed adventure, or just a really nice place to hide the gym gear, The Bolt Bag is designed for when you are on the go.


Call Me Ishmael


Whether you’re sailing under the mad Captain Ahab, or you’re a stowaway on a steamer, this is the best bag for adventurers. Simple and practical, with Call Me Ishmael, what you see is what you get — with the exception of its multi function wearability, which gifts it with a little something extra.