7 Amazing Modern Door Handles

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Doorknobs are something that we take for granted pretty much all the time. They are functional, and there isn’t really a whole lot of traditional variation that comes with them. True, there are few kinds, but in your house it’s a pretty safe bet to assume you’ve got standard knobs or latches – almost everyone does. In houses that have been newly redone or remodeled, the doorhandles may not match the rest of the house, especially if interior has been made modern. This can be jarring and ugly, especially if the handles in question are extremely out of place. The problem is that doorknobs aren’t something that you usually think of, and because of it they can be left noticed until after renovations have completed. If this happened to you, or you’re about to remodel, make sure that you’ve doorknobs that will do the job and look great at the same time. We’ve got a few selections to help.

Inox 213 Cabernet by Unison Hardware84982-Untitled7


Satin Nickel US15 by Soss Door Hardware35113-soss-hardware-03-sn-dsc61981


Art Glass Doorknobs by Out of the Blue Design 6893-art-glass-doorknobs-u610719c3586869d634020069424740262_431102jpg


H1045 R8 Comsat Ok by Valli & Valli33660-h1045-r8-cromsat-ok


C27 by Folger & Burt 37469-cfakepathc-27


YOD-003 by PBA USA 55012-PBA-lever-with-wood---YOD-s


Modern Door Handles by Bartels8712-1_Modern-Door-Handles