Best Pet-Friendly Flooring Options

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Pets can give us untold joy and hours of entertainment and love, but they can, sometimes, be a royal pain in the butt. If your cat has ever shredded drapes or dad’s favorite chair, or your dog has left a smelly present for you after a long day at work you know exactly what I mean. There are some things that pets can’t really help though, things like animal instincts and claws. Claws and little doggy “accidents” are par for the course as a dog owner, but they can still cause damage to your floors. It’s not really anyone’s fault, but it’s annoying and can be costly, so if you’re buying to renovating a house and you’ve got a pet, consider these flooring options to save hassle and cash, and to make sure that little Fido doesn’t do some permanent damage to your house! Per

Tile Flooring


“If you’re looking for pet-friendly flooring, you can’t go wrong with porcelain tile. A recent article from This Old House points out that not only is porcelain tile moisture-proof, it’s also not prone to scratches.”



“Concrete can also be a good flooring choice. Epoxy grout (tile) or an epoxy finish (concrete) can help minimize the upkeep further.”


Hardwood Floors


“Hardwood flooring – particularly oak, hickory, or Brazilian cherry – can also be a good options for pets. ‘Prefinished wood floors with a factory-applied aluminum oxide top coat resist scratches and dings best,’ This Old House notes. ‘A matte penetrating-oil finish can disguise scuffs and is less slipper – just touch up nicks with a stain pen or putty.'”


Vinyl Flooring


“Vinyl and linoleum also can be a good low-maintenance option. However, frequent pet accidents eventually can become an issue with these flooring types since they are glued-down.”