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With the digital age all around us, we’re revamping our internet presence to bring you the most up-to-date news on real estate, the arts, dining, shopping, and more luxury lifestyle activities to fit you, my customers and prospective customers. You may have noticed that blogs have started up again, and will continue to do so daily, but we’ve got some other great internet improvements coming at you this week as well.

First, we’re going to be rolling out a new blog feature: Fashion Fridays. The idea behind this new segment will be to show off various styles, clothing, accessories, products, and stores that will keep both ladies and gentlemen looking dapper and fashionable all year round. We’ll be talking with store owners, managers, personal shoppers, and more to bring you great deals, items, and advice from the people who know exactly what we’re talking about. We may also go to fashion openings and events to bring you up to date news about the fashion world and how it plays into the diverse fabric of Boston’s cultural scene. There will be videos as well as as posts, on a variety of subjects. We’ll also open the floor to comments in case there’s anything you’d like to see covered!

We’re also revamping our Instagram page! We’re going to be featuring neighborhoods around the Boston area that showcase the luxury lifestyle you deserve in Boston. Neighborhoods will include the Back Bay, South End, Downtown, and areas of Cambridge. We’re going to be showing you the beautiful houses of the areas and what they have to offer. ┬áSome of these properties might be for sale, but many of them will simply showcase the sights of the area, and what it might look like to live there. We’ll be starting on Wednesday, June 1, with the most famous area of Boston, Beacon Hill. Make sure to check back daily and follow for all the HD houses and neighborhood beauty you can lay your eyes on. Think you’ve got an especially great shot? DM it to us and we might just use it (we’ll credit you, of course!).

And finally we’re entering the podcast arena as well! We’ll be holding semi-weekly podcast sessions featuring the one and only Albert Lynch, along with his trusty cadre of friends and associates, who will talk about all things real estate. There might be buying tips, house stories, discussions of where to buy and when and more. These will typically be half-hour segments, featuring various members of real estate community in Boston and beyond! They’ll be aired on Wednesdays as well, and while one be coming this Wednesday, keep your eyes peeled for the first installment coming soon!