Hill Country Barbecue is Coming to Boston!

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There are never enough barbecue places in any city, so the announcement of one of New York’s finest grill establishments is certainly welcome news! It’s true, Hill Country Barbecue will be opening its doors to the Boston area soon, but it keeps getting better, because they’ve reportedly filed a request for a permit allowing them to play live music!

It sounds mouth-watering, and read on below to see exactly just what Hill Country is all about, and why you should be excited! Per Hill Country About Us:

Hill Country honors the barbecue and live music capital of Texas and takes its “cue” from the legendary meat-markets-turned- barbecue-joints of Central Texas with their distinctive, dry-rub style.
Our Mission

To share our passion for authentic food, music and hospitality inspired by the Hill Country of Texas.

The Hill Country of Texas

The region that encompasses Central Texas’ barbecue belt, a beautiful area consisting of rolling landscapes, cotton fields, corner markets, and blue bonnet flowers, is affectionately known by Texans as Hill Country. The Hill Country also includes the beloved capital city, Austin – home to a youthful population that flourishes in an artistic, innovative, and independent spirit that celebrates a distinct pride in its culture – the city motto is “Keep Austin Weird.” Our restaurants strive to capture the romantic tradition and simple charm of the Central Texas countryside along with the creative energy and casual coolness exemplified by the Austin ethos.