You’re relocating from another state, or another part of the world. You need to find a new home closer to your place of employment. You want to sell you place in the suburbs and live in the Back Bay. Your job has transferred you to Boston. Is your lease up and do you want to renew? And more! Welcome to Renting!!!

Renting a new home in the city can be an overwhelming experience. As a successful real estate professional, my experience in the rental market can streamline this process with a time efficient search. My integrated neighborhood web site will take you on an ‘armchair’ tour of many of the areas in Boston, giving you the best idea of where you would like to next call home. I will then organize a tour of available properties that coincide with your criteria, using a well-powered search engine, my relationships with landlords, building managers or interpersonal relationships. Together, we will collaborate on the search, fill out the paperwork and move you into your new home!

I am looking forward to working together as partners to make your Renting experience a smooth, seamless and, most importantly, stress free experience. Call me when you are ready to begin your search, and let’s make your next move simple and enjoyable.