Revamp the Camp: Outdoor Cookware

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It’s summer! The time of fishing, swimming, and relaxing with the family. Finally you can put your worries aside and hit the campground for a little bit of R&R and a chance to reconnect with the beauty of nature. The only real thing that could ruin your relaxation is the man-made products you bring with you failing and bringing misery to the trip. It’s very important to have good equipment in case anything goes wrong, and cooking utensils are no exception. Check out these great Industrial Revolution utensils and bring them along to cook your delicious fresh-caught trout!

About Industrial Revolution: Industrial Revolution started manufacturing camping gear in Redmond, WA in 1971. Their team is made up of outdoor enthusiasts who love hiking, camping, biking, boating – anything that gets them out of the factory for a little while. The team has a broad range of interests, which helps with one of the most exciting tasks they have: developing new products. Most of the crucial outdoor accessories have been around for decades, and the proven products are very hard to improve upon. For Industrial Revolution, building a better match case or shrinking a lantern is the ultimate challenging, yet satisfying process.

Foldable BBQ Box


The Foldable BBQ Box is a portable, all-in-one solution for a tasty grilling adventure on the way or at home outside. With a compact size that allows easy transport and space-saving storage for camping and hiking, this grill, unlike most portable grills, has been constructed in a way that the filled charcoal bag can be carried inside the grill, for no fuss and no muss.


Alcohol Stove and Camp Cookset


The Alcohol Stove & Camp Cookset provides various options for cooking out on the trail or at the campground for multiple people. Use less energy to boil large volumes of water when using the 1.8 L and 2.35 L pots, that feature heat exchangers for higher cooking efficiency.


Titanium Pot


This Titanium Pot is an ultralight option for boiling water or cooking food on any fast and light adventure. The 25 oz. pot has 2 hinged grips and a lid with a lockable grip. It’s also the perfect size to store just about anything while it fits in your pack, for extra compact and convenient traveling.


600 ML Water Kettle


This 0.6L Water Kettle is just the right size to boil some water quickly for a couple of cups of hot tea or cocoa on a chilly morning in camp. This lightweight, hard-anodized water kettle fits on most stoves and has a coated, hinged grip on the kettle for easy removal.


Coffee Maker


If you like to brew a good strong cup of coffee using your favorite gourmet grinds out on the trail, then this industrial Coffee Maker is just what you need for a chilly morning in camp. Just remove the stove stand that stores neatly inside the stainless steel coffee maker, fill up the coffee pot with water, put in the grounds holder and put your grounds on top, screw the lid on, place it on the stove and light up the solid fuel tablet.

Place your coffee cup underneath the spout, and when the coffee is ready it will flow directly into your cup. Best of all, everything stores right inside the pot to make cleanup and compact traveling a snap.


Titanium Cutlery Set


This robust Titanium Cutlery Set, suitable for universal use, saves where it counts: on weight. It is extremely light and visually attractive, thanks to its exceptional design, and the eating and cutting surfaces are painstakingly polished. A heat-resistant, silicone sleeve conveniently holds together the cutlery set when it’s not in use, for easy, breezy traveling.