Stoked is Stoked About Pizza

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It’s a classic Boston success story, and one I’m happy to see repeated again. Stoked started out as a pizza truck, but people couldn’t get enough, so they’ve decided to go brick-and-mortar. However, the Improper Bostonian seems to think that they’re still up to snuff and I’m inclined to believe them because everything sounds so good!

Proving that their truck’s product was no fluke, chef/owners Scott Riebling and Toirm Miller turn out beautiful 10-inch Neapolitan-inspired thin-crust pies from a huge wood-fired oven in plain view behind the restaurant’s bar, the rotating deck of which can bake eight pizzas at a time. The foundation of each pie is a bubbly, chewy, lightly charred crust from dough that develops a complex, yeasty flavor over two days of fermentation. This fantastic crust forms the basis of nine pizzas: four white pies and five topped with a fine, slightly sweet tomato sauce, all with aged mozzarella.

The sunny basement space frames 42 dining room seats and seven bar seats in retro-hip accents like groovy starburst chandeliers and Warholesque pop art on the walls. A cool soundtrack of classic punk and post-punk plays at just-comfortable decibel levels. Service is appropriately friendly, unpretentious and attentive to the all-ages crowd. Customers can pick up orders to go but not get delivery, a smart move considering how thin-crust pies suffer in a steamy pizza box. In the end, Stoked offers a textbook example of how to build brilliantly on a food-truck success: Add just enough menu extras and service to make a proper restaurant, throw in the kind of quality drinks that build after-work and late-night audiences and, above all, don’t mess with the award-winning product that put you on the map.